EXAMPLE ONLY: Two-Story 1,700 sq ft home  built on your lot with city water and sewer, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 14 windows, 40.25 feet on cabinets  (i.e. upper, lower and bath vanities), 12 interior doors, 3 exterior doors, 120 sq ft porch and a garage that is 22' x 22' or 484 sq ft

How many sq ft 1st floor home?   1st floor ... Change numbers for your floor plan
Square footage 2nd floor?   2nd floor ... 2-story only
Square footage lower level finished?   Basement or walkout
How many bathrooms in the home?    
Whirlpool tub in the home?    
How many windows in the home?    
Total feet of all cabinets ?   base, upper and vanity
How many interior doors in the home?    
How many exterior doors in the home?    
Porch square footage?    
Garage square footage?    
Roof Pitch    i.e. Enter # (4 - 12) /12 ?   4/12 .... 12/12
Roof Style Standard(1), Hip(2)?    
Fireplace Basic(1), Standard(2), Standard Plus(3)?    
Septic/Well ... (1) Well or (1) Septic, Both(2)?    
Total cost of ...  sq ft home ...      
between ... $
.00 ... and ... $ .00 
per sq.ft. ... $
.00 ... and ... $ .00 
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